with Francis


All Ages
70s funk band Francis opens up for Huntsville based funk and progressive band Quantaphonics.


Nashville-based soul band Francis gives you everything you want from 70s era funk with a modern feel. Originally founded in Decatur, Alabama, they first began playing together in high school. Mixing the rhythmic intricacies of Sly and the Family Stone with the rich chord progressions of Stevie Wonder, Francis is not a band to miss. Currently working on a single to be released later this year.


A diverse 9-piece funk and progressive soul band hailing from Huntsville, Alabama taking over “The Rocket City” one packed out venue at a time since early 2018. The group features a unique blend of jazz, soul, hip hop, funk, rock, and more. Known for their full sound the band features a broad spectrum of instrumentation consisting of three soulful vocalists, a strong rhythm section, keys and synth, and a horn section including trumpet, saxophone, and flute. Quantaphonics have a growing catalogue of original material including their two debut singles “Good Time” and “Hollywood” released in late 2018 and unreleased crowd favorite “Grapefruit”. Unafraid to be strange no performance is ever the same. With energetic improve displayed at every show it’s clear to see friendship and fun are the center pieces of this group’s functionality.

Venue Information:
The Mercantile
115 Clinton Ave N.
Huntsville, AL, 35801